SHARP Publsh new helmet safety ratings

SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) has published new safety ratings for the MDS Sprinter and Stealth HD117 crash helmets. This takes the total number of helmets that have been rated by SHARP, to 373.

The MDS Sprinter is a full face helmet and retails from £89.99 and was rated at four stars, the HD117, again a full face helmet retails at £189.99 and was also rated at four stars.

MDS and Stealth are not a name widely known in the UK, although you may be surprised to learn that MDS helmets are actually manufactured by AGV! Stealth is a newer manufacturer of helmets within the motorcycle industry and offer a very affordable budget range for the cost-conscious biker.

Both helmet manufacturers offer helmets for sale at significantly less then the premium helmets manufacturers(such as Shoei, AGV, Schuberth etc) but they do not offer the same level of wind noise protection at high speed. Also, accessories such as replacement visors, pinlock and tinted visors are not so widely available too. The helmets also look like a budget lid and, if it were our money, we would stick to buying a helmet from one of the more established helmet manufacturers, such as Caberg – who offer an excellent, affordable range, with good ratings and specification, such as pinlock visors and integral drop-down sun visor, as standard.

Further models are in the SHARP testing programme and we will let you when their ratings are published.

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SHARP offers independent and objective advice for UK motorcyclists, putting motorcycle helmets through a rigorous and targeted testing process. Funded by the Department for Transport and launched in 2007, they offer unrivaled helmet safety advice and standards exceeding minimum worldwide requirements.