Heap of the Week – Aprilia RS125

Aprilia RS125

Heap of the Week – Aprilia RS125

Our new series (“Heap of the Week”) kicks off this week with a manky RS125…

The desire for grown men to restore ageing two stroke motorcycles shows no signs of slowing down. There are so many potential owners looking for a suitable donor stroker to restore. Any scruffy and unloved examples that find their way to us are usually offered for sale whole before we make an executive decision to bust them up. This Aprilia RS125 was quickly snapped up by a buyer who spotted our advert on eBay and hit the buy it now button. He was drawn to the fact that, despite it being incomplete, the vital parts to start his rebuild were present and intact (ish).

A quick dig online revealed that this Aprilia was last on the road around 10 years ago. The previous owner had it for a few years before the piston decided to eat itself. Our punter was thrilled to discover that it was a genuine full power model and that the original Aprilia key fitted all three locks, which was another reason for him to smile out loud. He intends to rip it down and rebuild it over the coming winter. We look forward to seeing his results.

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